Our aim is to provide full disclosure during the booking process and during your rental period. Below we compiled all offered insurances, explained in a straghtforward manner.

Please contact us by email [email protected] or through the chat in case you need any assistance. We are happy to help.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

The CDW gives you peace of mind in case the car is damaged. For any damages that incur repairing costs exceeding the amount covered by insurance, the renter will pay the excess amount of liability.

Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW)

The SCDW covers significant damages in case of an accident, damage to the car’s body, or any other repairs required when the vehicle is returned to the company after being hired. Paying the SCDW helps you minimise your excess liability in case of significant damages.

Theft Protection (TP)

Theft Protection is the insurance you pay to relieve yourself of the responsibility in case of theft while the rented Tesla is in your possession. The Theft Protection Insurance comes with Zero Liability/excess amount.

Windshield Protection (WP)

WP is another optional insurance that may become very costly if the windshield sustains any damages while in your possession.

Sand and Ash Protection (SAAP)

SAAP is insurance that covers explicitly sand damages which are not covered by standard insurance. While driving in Iceland, sand damage is widespread, especially along the southern coast, during any season. These damages incur high repair costs and can become the renter’s responsibility if they haven’t opted for SAAP insurance.